The ISO System on each of the stage of the production

Through the introduction of the ISO system into our production plant, we are fully able to control the process of the production of the new assortment. We are certain that our products will meet your expectations.

Environmentally- friendly products

Osprzęt elektryczny wyprodukowany w zakładzie POLMARK jest pod wieloma względami przyjazny środowisku.

  1. Through the use of the highly - percussive and weather conditions proof material, our products are unusually long-lasting in terms of use. You are not forced to buy a new product after a couple of years since our equipment can be in order even for many many years.
  2. Currently, plastic materials can be easily recycled. The high quality material is regained through the recycling process; it can be, without any qualitative problems, used to the production of the new assortment.


Our company is in the possession of thousands of products, which are stored in our magazines, what allows us to realize your orders very quickly.


Our experienced and qualified employees will willingly advise and help you. Regardless of the fact if you need a one- time contact or a permanent cooperation, you may treat us as a reliable partner.

Deliverer' qualifications

We select our deliverers in accordance with the Quality Control System ISO 9001:2000. The main criteria of the selection of the potential partners are:

* The high quality of offered products, proven by the certificates
* The management systems e.g. ISO 9001:2000
* The Payment time
* The discount system and the account balance
* The realization time
* The delivery conditions


The choice of the reliable and responsible partner, in the free market economy, can be a deciding factor in terms of failure or success of the enterprise.


Scanning the products catalogue and buying on- line can be easy and quick. We invite you to our on- line shop!


Knowledge of the Professionals

Do not worry to ask! Our qualified experts will answer all your questions with a great delight. Trust in the knowledge and the experience.

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